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Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices

This is another useful book by Rayne Hall for newbie authors. This one focuses on how to solicit reviews to get attention for your book and drive sales. Rayne Hall pretty much hits all the bases.

Oct 02, Juliet rated it it was amazing. I found the first and the last chapters especially helpful.

The Change-makers Who Left Us Spellbound!

Even before I read this entry in Ms. But now I plan on lengthening the letter to include a request for readers to email me in case they noted any typos in addition to asking for reviews. In the last chapter, sixteen authors writing and publishing in various genres present what methods have helped them get reviews. Most indie authors have to work hard at it, but with persistence and resourcefulness they succeed.

So I highly recommend this book to all of you indie authors out there who want reviews. Jun 25, Scott Springer rated it it was amazing. I am an author with a few self-published kindle books and no reviews, so I am happy for the opportunity to read and comment upon this book about soliciting reviews. The book lists several ways to increase the chances of receiving a review. It also tells about what not to do. The best part of the book, I found, was the experiences shared by many authors of how they go about the process of getting readers to review.

Rayne also shares her insights on how to think positively about negative reviews, which was interesting. Jun 22, Robert Bradley rated it really liked it. Great advice seriously loving this series Rayne - The proof will be in the pudding when trying to get more reviews but I guess it is exactly as you say work smart and put the hours. I have a blog where I review books myself so contact me if you want to send review copies.

Aug 27, Kay Oliver rated it really liked it. Helpful I found quite a few helpful and new suggestions as well as tips and advice on things I had already done, but can now do a bit better. May 10, Joseph Riden rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Indie book writers. Help With A Hard Aspect of Writing Rayne Hall came through with thoughtful analysis of the review terrain and many excellent suggestions that will help me get reviews for my books.

The work is well organized and I found I could personally relate to many points made. I felt like a kind colleague was sharing hard won insights that will help me get reviews. Mar 18, Alexandra Mars rated it it was amazing. Very helpful By reading this book, I have gained a lot knowledge about getting reviews. Hall's explained the subject quite well and easy terms. Feb 19, Roberta Glacken rated it really liked it.

Still working on getting my platform, then I can incorporate these ideas. Down to Earth and humorous as usual. Dec 28, Terry Tyler rated it really liked it. I've read a couple of Rayne Hall's other advice books, and what I like about them, this one included, is that she pulls no punches. If you've been at the marketing-your-own-books game for a while, you'll pro 4. If you've been at the marketing-your-own-books game for a while, you'll probably cringe at some of it, thinking "Ouch, I did that" - as does Rayne; she tells you about the mistakes she made so you don't make them too.

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This isn't theoretical advice; this is the real thing, from someone who's been there, done that, and bought the 'I've been scammed' t-shirt. The book goes deep into the dos and don'ts of review-getting practices I knew nothing about, like review agencies and reviews via blog tours, though I imagine her experiences will be of great interest to others who have contemplated using them. When Rayne asked me to contribute to the book, she specified that I should write about how I get reviews, rather than say what not to do, and when I read the whole thing I understood why; people buy books like these to find out how to get positive results, not just to be told all the things they're doing wrong!

There are plenty of good, practical suggestions, with positive action you can take. As with all advice books I didn't agree with all of it; I don't like the idea of asking for reviews on social networking sites, whereas Rayne finds it works well for her; however, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it, and she advises you of the right ones. I also felt that finding and building relationships with book bloggers could have been explored more - I love them, and often read several posts a day, as both a reader and a writer.

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As with all works of this nature, there will be some advice within that doesn't gel with how you work, but I think you'll find some real gems; I am putting one piece of advice into action today! If you've been looking at others' books and wondering how come they've got 40 reviews when you've only got 2, or if you're just starting to self-publish and haven't got a clue how to go about it, or even if you've got a fair number of reviews but would like more, I'd recommend this book.

Please note: I contributed to this book at the request of the author and confirm that I have no financial interest in it. I was supplied with a review copy of the book at my own request. Feb 19, Sue Lilley rated it really liked it. I'm working my way through the whole series of these books. A practical and down to earth guide.

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Some useful tips and strategies. I particularly liked the "lessons learned" sections at the end of each chapter. Jan 11, Rosie Amber rated it it was amazing.

Getting Book Reviews is a book most suitable for Indie writers although there are some tips for published writers too. Rayne reminds the reader that reviews help sell books and with more people using online book shops for their purchases it is very noticeable that readers are drawn to the books with many reviews.

She explains that this is a basic psychological buying factor, people are attracted to what others have and they too want to share the experience. There then follows easy to read chapter Getting Book Reviews is a book most suitable for Indie writers although there are some tips for published writers too. There then follows easy to read chapters with proven achievable strategies about how to get reviews.

These include simple ideas like a polite paragraph at the end of your book asking readers to write a review, using your fans and followers, and asking your beta readers to write a review. There are also chapters on the muddier waters of review swaps, review circles and paying for reviews.

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My favourite chapters were the "Approaching a book blogger", as a book blogger I appreciate an author who is considerate and takes an interest in my blog and stays interested after my review. My other pick would be the "Ways to send a book to reviewers" I am astonished by the number of authors who approach me for a review with only a PDF or Word Document of their story. I enjoys Rayne's writer's craft books because of their simple easy to use advice and common sense and I often recommend them to authors when I feel the advice they offer will be of help.

Nov 29, Suzanne Rogerson rated it really liked it. Since I self-published in , I've been trying to increase my book's profile on Amazon by getting more reviews. This book sounded perfect to help me do that. Each chapter in the book covers your options when trying to gain reviews. They state the method, along with pros and cons for each and lessons learnt by the author. There were chapters on things like beta readers, approaching amazon reviewers, review circles and general product review agencies.

The writing style is friendly and easy to read Since I self-published in , I've been trying to increase my book's profile on Amazon by getting more reviews. The writing style is friendly and easy to read. My only real issue was that I'd already learnt a lot of this by myself - the long and hard way! It would've been great to have a manual like this to work through, to save time and effort. I wish I'd known about this book long before I hit publish; things like putting a personal letter at the back of the book would have been easier if addressed beforehand.

In summary this is a quick read, and one you can go back to again and again for sound advice. I recommend to authors who are soon to publish.