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Some of them hung around flashy foreign sports cars parked in the street. I suspect some of them were actually actors. One day, when I went to the hairdresser, one of the young men was already in there, accompanied by a woman, having his fringe bleached with highlights.

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I heard a perpetrator explaining to another perpetrator via syntel that the young man was worried because targeted individuals tended to remember his features more than other gang-stalkers, because he was dark. So he was having his hair lightened to blend in more with the rest. I noticed that he and the woman both had smart phones, full of tiny text, which they studied intensely. There seemed to be a correlation between the text and the timing of my thoughts.

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I suspected that perpetraitors must get an almost instant print out of whatever is said or thought via the syntel system. My suspicions were reinforced when at one point, while I was thinking aloud to my self, I broke off in mid sentence. Looking over the shoulder of the woman in the hairdressers, I saw this reflected in her smart phone by a paragraph break. The reason for this may be that the British network system used by the perpetraitors seemed to do its housekeeping from about They also appeared to think that there were fewer British law enforcement staff on duty to monitor their activities at the weekend.

The young men were introduced to use of stronger powered electronic weaponry which could inflict serious pain on targeted individuals. I was usually one of the targets on these occasions, and I often used shielding devices to block their activities. Some of the young men went on to the next stage a week later, when they were told their big day had arrived. They would be allowed to drive unsupervised in the midnight hours.

It sometimes happened that tutors, using a different gravatar from the one used to identify them on the syntel system, stage-managed frenzied attacks on a selected victims, in which the young turks participated to some extent. Next day the tutors take the young men aside and tell them that because of what they have done, they could be arrested any time, but that the tutors will not give them away, provided they fully commit to being perpetraitors from now on. It is possible to kill people with these electronic and sonic weapons, and I was seriously targeted with chemicals that brought on breathing difficulties in the early days.

I had to call the police on one occasion. Another member of my family was later attacked with sonar and lasers, and was lucky to survive. Neighbours called the police in the middle of the night. The police have been really good, checking up on her regularly, since then. Perhaps it was because it was one of a series of training courses typically for people. So what was the point of it all?

I suspect that gang-stalking is just another job creation programme for criminals, funded by the criminally insane. There is no incentive for gang-stalkers ever to stop their activities, as it will put them out of a job. Several targeted individuals have recorded their gang-stalking and targeting experiences, including:. My experience is mild by comparison with these. In my view this is because the British police would arrest people who did the things described in these books, so the perpetrators did not dare do anything too extreme.

But some of the kids and their mentors may have been taken from young offenders institutions and press-ganged into criminality, and if so, they need to be rescued as much as the targeted individuals. This post is about:. The main point about psychotronics is that it can be used remotely, and anonymously on innocent civilians for torture, mind control and sinister political purposes. Criminal perpetrators can commit crimes against humanity without detection, as if they were invisible.

They can in fact be detected, but only through use of similar technologies.


These are invisible weapons being used far more destructively than a simple bullet to the head. However psychotronics is widely used in health treatments, enabling people suffering from paralysis to speak and move, and enhancing sight for people with partial blindness or hearing problems. When it comes to new technologies, psychotronics is just the tip of the iceberg. This post looks at some of the implications of psychotronics, and what is now in the public domain about a range of formerly secret technologies.

Picture opposite: Cochlear implant. If perpetrators wanted to carry out assassination, they would use lethal equipment. The purpose of targeting individuals seems to be to force them into virtual slavery using electronic weapons and to brainwash them into obedience using mind control. This would never be achieved over night, which is why an episode of psychosis followed by temporary incarceration in a mental institution were regular tools that perpetrators used in an attempt to create new mind controlled slaves or hostages.

But TIs have proved much more resilient than expected by perpetrators.

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The only way to bludgeon human beings into permanent submission is by mafia tactics of gang-stalking — hit them on the head with a blunt instrument. The close proximity of MKULTRA perpetraitors to their victims was what ensured the relative success of that era of abduction and torture of innocent citizens.

The total condemnation of that era by the elected representatives of the USA should leave no one in any doubt of the illegality of such activities. Brain hobbling through psychotronics is done today in an analogous fashion.

How the NSA harasses thousands of law abiding Americans daily by the usage of Remote Neural

By using psychotronic generators to inject minute random currents into the targeted brain, a threat will exhibit schizophrenic thinking and can be thrown into a mental hospital where further silencing can occur without their consent. Without visible political prisons and torture scars, the public will remain discredulous that it is being done. This is a book written by Robert Duncan The Saint.

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It is non-fiction and original research. My view is that RNM was once a discrete system, but as secret technologies advanced, parts of the system became obsolete, and by now the original system has been virtually superceded. It was a technology that would work with satellite delivery. Now perpetraitors can achieve the same results without RNM or satellites. But with the global take-up of wireless for TV, cell-phones and lap-tops, satellite is no longer normally required.

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  7. So RNM is really a legacy concept. But not all perpetrators have the latest technology, and someTIs may still be linked to older criminal track-and-target systems. RNM was once a proprietary product, but by now, criminals all over the matrix appear to have access to variations on, or upgrades of the basic system.

    See section on Brain-Computer Interface below for more recent developments.

    Visual memory can also be seen. Physiological measures such heart rate, breathing, skin conductance rate of sweating , and eye movements are sometimes captured simultaneously with fMRI. The method can also be combined with other brain-imaging techniques such as transcranial stimulation, direct cortical stimulation and, especially, EEG.

    Translating thought into language is linked to changes in blood flow in the brain. The point of monitoring blood flow is that it is used to decode thought word-patterns. MRI — Magnetic resonance imaging: also known as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging NMRI , or magnetic resonance tomography MRT , is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize internal structures of the body in detail.

    MRI makes use of the property of nuclear magnetic resonance NMR to image nuclei of atoms inside the body. EEG — Electroencephalograph: records electrical activity along the scalp , and measures voltage fluctuations within the neurons of the brain. It records different states of awareness — sleep, dreaming, dozing, awake, and alert. So perpetrators can tell if a TI is afraid, happy attracted to or repelled by something. Perpetraitors can monitor brain waves via satellite, decode evoked 5-milliwatt potentials of the brain at 3.

    This analysis would identify cancers, altered blood sugar levels, leaching of calcium etc.