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A difficult employee is not just a problem between one employee and another. . Download our free e-book, A practical guide to managing difficult employees.
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There are also some narcissists who may be able to make adjustments if they are highly motivated toward success. Their goal orientation will motivate them to modify their behaviors when in team environments. These people are smart, and they know it. They are often quick to let everyone else know it, too. Einsteins are rigid in their views and can often come across as arrogant. How to approach an Einstein : Have a know-it-all explore the ways in which his or her intelligence impacts the team both positively and negatively.

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Let the Einstein do a solo analysis and draw his or her own conclusions. But guide the process so that you can coach Mr. Einstein through any necessary change.

There’s always room to grow.

Overall, managing difficult employees is never easy, and it is a skill that can take years to develop. However, when leaders do identify problem employees, they can be managed -- either to improve behavior and performance, or to move on from the organization. No matter what, difficult employees should be coached sooner, rather than later, to minimize their impact on the rest of the team. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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Tips for managing difficult employees

Guest Writer. May 20, 4 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Start Slideshow. Next Slide. Narcissists are the opposite of team players. They are all about themselves and their own egos. I confirm that I am over the age of 16 and consent to the collection of the above data. Entrepreneur members get access to exclusive offers, events and more. Login with Facebook Login with Google. Don't have an account? Sign Up. First Name.

Are They “Unleadable”? How To Guide Difficult Employees Toward Change

Last Name. Confirm Email. Rather than interacting with them, they avoid them. Although it may be hard to transform a difficult employee into a warm, friendly ally, you can take the following steps to make it easier for the employee to comply:. Confront problems head-on. By clearing the air and calmly acknowledging any ill will, you can help the employee focus on getting the job done. Seek confirmation. Ask the employee to explain what you just said and what you expect of him or her.

Tips for managing difficult employees - Talent Gear

Making simple requests is painless. You may waste time backtracking or jumbling words.

How To Manage Difficult Employees In The Workplace Without Resentment

As you rehearse, use the fewest words possible to describe your goal. Boil down the expected outcome to its essentials. Once you find a concise way to summarize the outcome you want, write it down and memorize the key phrase that captures the main point. Speak and write.

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  • 1. Don’t ignore the problem.

To ensure that the employee understands you, assign tasks both orally and in print. Get in the habit of talking with that person and telling him or her what you need. Let the employee ask questions and offer suggestions.