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He claimed to be God while with His disciples, please educate yourself before you toss insults to God in this blog. Read the gospels, particularly the Book of John.

Well stated, Diane…along the lines of what I was trying to get across in my comments above 60, reply to 58 , but more simply and clearly! To me, this thinking is indicative of a closed heart and mind. God has revelations to show us every day but we have to be open to receiving them! Excellent and heart-deep testimony of a vibrant faith. Thanks so much for sharing!

Keep the faith!

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I am not an active Mennonite, but was brought up Mennonite and am still very interested in the Church. I am a retired music professor, singer and conductor. I first met a gay man, my beloved voice teacher and mentor, in I have, since, met many wonderful gay people. So, I soon learn he had married a woman. Six months later, I learned he was divorced from her, because he discovered he really was gay. What a trauma to have to endure! I have relatives who are gay, I have many colleagues who are gay.

Would he deny it? Would he believe that God goofed?

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Sometimes the answers lay beyond the Scriptures—yes, sometimes in love, in reason, in science, in compassion. To those who are singing his praises, stop and think for a minute. Johnny, I stopped to think and realized that of course it can be painful for some members of his family because family members rarely agree on everything.

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But the way that Chester and Sara Jane presented their letter was wonderfully done and will help thousands and thousands to think much more thoroughly regarding sexuality issues and especially homosexuality and the church. The Mennonite Church will be largely blessed by this letter.

Ask me five years from now; ask me 10 years from now and we will know that it is one of the best messages to ever to have been given to the Mennonite Church worldwide. This is potentially historical.

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The leaders were shocked, distraught, stunned, and disturbed to see on the mission field such disregard for conference regulations that required the wearing of plain coats. According to one source, the delegates retreated to a hotel room and wept. Wenger and colleagues explained that a plain coat in Ethiopia was a detriment to their witness; Mennonite missionaries, when wearing the plain coat, were mistaken for Orthodox priests, not a happy affiliation.

Can this retrospective be useful in our current conversation?

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Whatever position we take, Chester is our brother and Sara Jane is our sister. His 96 years of life and long and faithful ministry, with or without credentials, call for our respect. With my fallibility ever before me, let me be the last person to condemn this patriarch and this matriarch. Thank you for sharing this story, John! Historical memory is always appreciated. Chester and Sara Jane: What a wonderful gift you have provided the church at a painfully divisive time in its history.

Thank you for telling your story in such a humble and non-judgmental manner. If your family can hold differing views on this topic and continue to sing, play and pray together and have good times with each other, then surely the larger church can do this too. As for repentance: many are the testimonies of persons who prayed fervently for countless years that God would change their same-gender attraction into a heterosexual one — repentance, indeed. What shall the church say when God does not bring about that change despite the faithful, desperate, prayerful pleading?

A father tending to the spiritual needs of his son and marrying his son to his beloved….

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  • An open letter to my beloved church.

Yeah, someone understands the message about love and acceptance and its a beautiful thing to behold. Hey Genevieve, can he also marry me to my adult daughter? It would be a beautiful thing to behold. God is Love. Love is Truth, outside of which is nothing. Truth needs no defense. It stands secure, encompassing All of Creation. When we defend our point of view, remember we are defending our opinion of Truth. This is never Truth. See your brother as Love sees him: beloved, radiant, valuable beyond measure and guiltless as he was created.

If Truth has set you and him free, both are free indeed. In condemning your brother you cannot escape the judgment you are choosing to lay at your own door. That is why we are constrained to love and forgive and fear not. Our heritage is to stand together embracing with Joy in His Presence. What keeps us from experiencing that today? I want to express regret for my comments. I also want apologize to Phil if I have offended him.

My thoughts came not just from my views on same-sex unions but from concern for a young member of the Wenger family who has been close to us for the last 19 years, however I acknowledge I may have over stepped my bounds. What a brave and loving stand you have taken on behalf of your son and your church. Your thoughtful words show the caring and regard you hold for both.

Thank you, Chester.


In the kindest way possible, I can only be sad. This action is wrong according to the Holy Word of God. I want to be silent only out of respect for many that think this action is acceptable. I can only say that silence on this matter does not honor God. I have many that I love that this issue affects but I am willing, in a kind way, to say this is sin.


I was a Meno while growing up and a number of years thereafter. However, when I found myself living in a non-meno area one without a Mennonite Church , we attended another strong bible-believing denomination. Now I am on the outside looking in and have to say that I have a lot of concerns about my beloved Mennonite church. The non-meno congregations I have attended in the past 26 years while living in 3 different states fed me the word of God, pointed me toward understanding and let the Lord speak to me through His word.

Meanwhile, on the occasions I have visited Mennonite churches, a number of them seem to start with an issue, quote a few verses that may appear to be somewhat related, then go off down some other road leaving me to wonder if the foundation is crumbling. Several issues have apparently consumed the Mennonite Churches in liberal controversy. Issues such as the one discussed in this thread are one of MANY scriptural signs of the times, and time is limited.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Even though I just moved back to an area where the Mennonite Churches are many, for now we are drawn to where the word is taught. Phil remains in my heart along with a sincere love for the Mennonite Church of which I am no longer a part. My son, unlike my daughter, was born very selfish.

For so long I would break out the bible and correct, rebuke, admonish, etc, on his selfish-nature.. He recently asked me if I would help him lie, white lie really, on a business loan he desperately needs, and because I love him, I did it! People raise selfish children and that is very different than being born gay. The lack of compassion or empathy or even love shown by some of you supposed Christians is amazing.

All your supposed to do is love your neighbor and God.