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In spite of their initial conflict, he and Chas manage to rebuild their relationship. After initially trying to resist, they give in to temptation and spend the night together…. Chas tells Cameron that it was a mistake and they agree to keep quiet about their night of passion. Carl later dies after Cameron Murray delivers the final finishing blow — however, Chas is arrested for the murder and believes that she must have been the one that killed him! Thankfully, she is later found not guilty in court.

Cameron holds Chas and Debbie, along with other punters, hostage at gunpoint in the Woolpack and it is uncertain whether anyone will escape with their lives! Later, Aaron opens up to Chas, telling her that his father sexually abused him when he was a child. After confronting Gordon who eventually admits the allegations are true, the family file a court case against him.

Where is Vinayagamoorthy's wife? is she missing or murdered? - Episode 13

The pair were friends and then dated for a while before going back to being friends. When Chas returns to the village in , it seems that she is finally ready to settle down with a nice guy about flipping time! Awww, we love a happy ending! However, she has a change of heart after sitting down and talking about it with Paddy who is eager to have a child. Both physically and mentally. How else are you going to get a lb.

In a situation like this I for one would be proud to call the Gunds neighbors! They did what I would hope my neighbors would do for me, and they should be commended for their efforts. They are in my thoughts and I wish them a speedy recovery. I very much appreciate your comments Mr Kettenpom store. I also commend your bravery for going to the residence to assist your friend and neighbor Jim. You could only speculate on what you would be walking into. God bless you and your community in your time or sorrow. Here are some safe cities in the USA. This list was made by The Farmers Insurance Group.

Using stats and figures not opinion.

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There are 60 cities named and somehow I missed Corvallis??? Maybe that is your opinion and you are off base? Maybe you can show something other than your opinion that says that? It would be much more convincing if someone with some credentials shared your opinion. Thank you. In fact your town has been slipping down the list. Wild conspiracy theories have been carelessly thrown around, all to make a heartless killer look better??? I think you guys really need to step back and look at all of the evidence. Realize that you are being delusional and hurtful to people who have been through allot.

If you guys are who you say you are… You have a terrible way of showing it. Which I have no doubt… Do you guys see the denial that you are in? What are you all going to say in the end??? I would think some formal apologies would be in order.


Some of us here have not been fooled by the big influx of profiteering pot growers since passage of Prop. It has led to much addled thinking that they can now grow as much as they want wherever they want.

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They have been ruining residential neighborhoods in Trinity County. The old timers were quiet, decent neighbors. Big money leads to violence. Kyn, I agree with you, the whole thing stretches my imagination. And believe me, I am not trying to slander anyone- really- but I am just asking questions because I am sad and heartbroken for all of it. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling and I am sorry. Perhaps he was framed.

Pretty Little Liars S01 E01 – Everyone’s a Murderer

Stranger things have happened. I think it only natural that reefer madness has entered in as a motive. Certainly Mas and Skye are good targets of those allegations, backed by a LE press release. No information as to weight, and the packaging issue is spurious. But I would like to hear more about it from LE. Were the Gunds perhaps growers? And if Skye and Christina were already dead who did the search warrant get served to? Is there a landlord that may be able to shed light on this tragedy?

In one of the press releases the property was called the Constantino residence. Other people have said the property was owned by Sky. I understand the need to have questions answered but this question about the Gunds feels a lot like an attack on people who, as far as all reports so far have given, were kind folks trying to help Sky and Kristine.

They ended up grievously injured for their pains. Their lives will never be the same. Please tread kindly. Yeah you Kym and I area basically on the same page. Just stop, and think for a second, who is the last person on Earth you believe capable of doing something like this. Your mother, your sister, your best friend, whoever it is in YOUR life. Honestly, there are a handful of people I know, that if you told me they snapped and did this, I would believe it in a minute.

But not him. Your friend Tomas is a murderer. He was not at the wrong time or wrong place. Give me a break. He premeditated to rob and kill them. Why he would have a taser gun?? Just accept it, the evidence is right there. Why he had the cash and marijuana with him in the car? And why he was running from police if he was indeed innocent?

Death Unscripted: A Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery

He was just greedy and wanted something that was not his, and ended up killing his friends. Such a scumbag!

Kettenpom Murders Linked to Marijuana

He took two lives and almost kill the Gunds. You absolutely only knew this guy one side or maybe you are hallucinating. Believe on whatever you want to believe, the fact is the fact. This is tragic any way you look at it. There are three losses here, and no one can seem to justify any of them other than, they where dabbling in something that is illigal.

But please show some compassion for the other lives lost. I know a lot of people who knew him and they all are pointing fingers at Sky and Kristine and even the Gunds who where just trying to be good neighbors. We know now that Sky and Kristine did do some illigal things, but that does not make there murder justifiable in any way that I can see. They are victims and from what I have read on posts here and elsewhere people are making the Gunds and them out to be bad guys.

outer-edge-design.com/components/messages/3219-location-of.php Should we not all be focused on the fact that this is tragic at any angle it can be seen from instead of victimizing the one that commited the murders?