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Vital evidence in Pike River mine disaster missing, say families | RNZ News

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Vital evidence in Pike River mine disaster missing, say families

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Can you guess what drop Smoker has? She now has her own meditation space at home and can walk around freely without fear of damaging the floor, which is unlike the fragile bamboo floor of the old house. And the floor is comfortable to sit on. Her family uses rainwater that is collected in a pond behind the house and they can count on the support of the community to provide water when needed.

7 Piece Be Mine GEM Polyhedral Set - Plain

Their new home has another draw. Daw Yee says with a chuckle: "People now like to stop and admire our house. Subscribe now. This page is about our work in the Asia-Pacific region.


Peace of mine. Following this terrible event, there have been numerous discussions regarding regulation amendments and the mandatory requirement to have Refuge Stations installed in all underground mining and tunnelling environments in Turkey. This article represents our response based on experience, some research and sound logic.

The risk of fire occurring and toxic gases travelling rapidly exists in all underground mining and construction environments. Gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can easily travel hundreds of meters from the source of the fire quickly, filling up a mine or tunnel. Fire in an underground environment, therefore, has the potential to result in very toxic and tragic circumstances for our personnel working underground. The risks will differ from worksite to worksite depending upon the design of the underground environment, ventilation and importantly, the available fuel for a fire. In comparison to metal mines, coal mines have significant quantities of fuel that can burn for days, so perhaps the rescue and evacuation strategies should be different. Refuge chambers are safe havens where personnel can go in the event of a fire or fall of ground and seal themselves inside, effectively isolating themselves from the hazards outside within a safe and secure environment with adequate air supply.

Most professional entities operating in an underground environment will invest a lot of time and energy in preventing underground fires from occurring in the first instance and this remains the best defence to avoid personnel from being exposed to harmful and toxic gases. It is mandatory for all personnel to carry a self-rescue breathing apparatus while underground, and we have 10 certified refuge chambers located throughout our mine as well as a fully equipped search and rescue team.