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We included funky air fresheners or free sample products with their purchases. We also offered top customers a chance to try the brand-new products that we had just developed. Before this, we were too busy trying to promote to new customers, like most small business owners. We were discounting at least twice a month. We were training our customers to only buy from us on a discount! Now, instead of discounting, we give away free product. We only discount once a year, at most. What a huge difference it has made in our profitability. Several years ago, we were ready to make a huge investment in infrastructure to scale for a large wholesale client.

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We went into debt big time to do this. The deal never happened, and we were stuck with the debt to pay off.

Winning Back Lost Customers

As it is, we will pay off the rest of that debt next week. Our pricing strategy made all the difference in helping us weather that storm! It hasn't hurt our relationships at all. Q: So what exactly did you do with the price of Dream Beard products? One night, we raised prices 30 percent all at once just before Christmas!

We just raised prices on our most popular products like beard oil, shampoos, and miracle treatment. And you know what? It has really helped profitability tremendously, especially in the slow sales seasons. It helps us bridge those seasonal dips in demand. It also provides the funding we need to develop new products.

The Competitive Pricing Strategy Guide (Covers B2B and B2C Businesses)

This price increase was a game changer for us. Q: Now that Dream Beard is off to the races, where can our readers connect to you, Ryan? The podcast was in the top on iTunes and ranked 28 for weeks. We have more than , monthly listeners. Q: What advice would you give to other small business owners? Of course, create a great product. Then create a great story and a great relationship. Focus on building authentic relationships with your customers. Keep your web presence simple.

Instead make as many human-to-human touch points as possible. I was a musician first. I have an expensive guitar and a cheap guitar. Make sure the song or story you create is real and human. In other words, speak about your business from the heart.

I received a customer email about this yesterday that put me in tears. From his weird trippy intros leading into metal to his deep meaningful conversations about life, barbecue and even Sasquatch…. This primarily involves earning backlinks to your website from other reputable sites.

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  • Both on-page and off-page SEO can help your site rank higher in search results and ultimately allow you to reach more customers and earn more revenue online. This will allow you to secure and maintain placement in Google Maps to help more people find, contact, and visit your business. Pay-per-click PPC is a popular online advertising model.

    If your bid is among the highest for any given keyword, your ad will appear above organic search results when users type that keyword into the search bar. One of the benefits of PPC as an Internet marketing strategy is that your ads can begin sending relevant, qualified traffic to your site the minute they are clicked to go live. With PPC, you can also create remarketing ads to reach people who have displayed an interest in your products and remind them of what they looked at on your site. For example, if someone places a product in their online shopping cart and leaves without purchasing, you can use remarketing to show them ads as they browse other sites and encourage them to return and make a purchase.

    Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads online.

    How to choose a pricing strategy for your small business

    It involves creating infographics, blog posts, ebooks, guides, and other original content. You can also use visual content like photos and videos to give people an inside look at your business. Content marketing positions your company as an authority in your field, and people will be more likely to want to learn about your products after reading a helpful piece of content you created.

    Instead of using your content as a sales pitch, look for ways to engage your readers, help them learn more about your business, and provide them with valuable information. You can then reach out to reporters, bloggers, and industry influencers to see if they will share your content on their sites.

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    Define your marketing strategy

    Maintaining a presence on social media platforms can help your company connect with current and potential customers, making it a must-use online marketing strategy. You can use social media to engage users, provide them with helpful information about your business, and develop relationships that encourage them to purchase. If anyone has questions about your business, they can contact you directly on social media, and you can help them take the next steps with your company. We have an experienced team of social media marketers, and we know what it takes to engage audiences and generate real results.

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    There Is No Magic Marketing Strategy

    Compared to traditional marketing methods, Internet marketing is extremely cost-effective. Internet marketing also gives you the ability to expand your reach to attract even more customers. With traditional marketing methods, your reach is often limited by the scope of your ad space. For example, if you advertise on a billboard, only the people who drive pass that billboard will see your message. This can improve your marketing efficiency, and it allows you to reach more people in less time— a major win for your business. Since Internet marketing allows you to expand your reach, it will also help you increase brand awareness.

    Digital marketing helps more people learn about, recognize, and ultimately choose your business. They may even recommend you to friends, family members, or business contacts who need your services.