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Because this romance gave me a huge migraine. I feel like vomiting just thinking about it.

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Take note that the novel is only about pages long, so these are actually really close to each other. They meet. They lock eyes. What can Violet say about Ash's eyes?

'The Jewel' by Amy Ewing - Review

When Violet leaves Ash's room, she thinks of kissing him. A few hours after they first met, when they meet again, Violet says, "My whole body feels like it's blushing. First kiss. Second kiss. Admission of love. They get married, ride off into the sunset and have babies. Okay, I should get over that.

Moving on! This book also had some fantasy elements mixed in. I did appreciate that, since fantasy is my favorite genre, but I still have many unanswered questions in my mind about the magic and sorcery in this book. Why were there surrogates?

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How come only magic-wielding girls can be surrogates? I also felt like the fantasy aspect of the novel was just forced into it --it didn't really seem to fit with the mood of the story, but maybe that's just me.

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Women were portrayed as either too helpless and idiotic Violet or vicious and bitchy basically all of the women who bought surrogates. The only positive thing I can say about the book is that I did enjoy Ewing's writing. It was easy to read and I just flew through the pages without much reading-related problems. Well, this review turned out a lot longer than I planned. Anyway, I'm off to bleach my brain after re-thinking about this novel. View all 32 comments. I adore it!!

I bought it because well.. I JUST Its not like Selection. BUT This books is deep and it touches some really serious issues like slavery. Violet is a strong character and i love her for it. Ash is..

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All the characters are well based. Even the Duchess became a character i loved to hate and hated to love. The ending was so heartbreaking and WHAT? The big twist. I can't wait to read the next book. A unique book.

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A category of its own. View all 8 comments. Jeanine I liked the book too, got the second one in pre-order. Liking books is really a gut feeling, you shouldn't heavily rely on other opinions when picking I liked the book too, got the second one in pre-order. Liking books is really a gut feeling, you shouldn't heavily rely on other opinions when picking up a book. But it can be used as a reference. Kylie I am so excited to read the sequel to! It's coming out on October 6th!!!

Sep 25, AM. I wasn't sure, after reading the synopsis, if this book would also have a similar plot.

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I was totally wrong. When I began reading, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style and the very xmen like twist that this "ball gown" story took on. I flew through all pages in just a few days in the middle of a huge move and edit, as well it was that good! In Violet Lasting's world, identity isn't important. She's not a name; she's just a number. As a surrogate, raised to bear a child for whatever member of the royal Jewel section of society purchases her in an auction, Violet has been trained for years to be submissive and poised and perfectly fine with being in the background.

The twist to this story comes with something called the Auguries: special powers that each surrogate has, where they can change the colors and shapes of objects, as well as grow things. In Violet's case, the third augury, Growth, is her best gift. When Violet is taken to the auction and purchased by the Duchess of the Lake, she's thrown into a world full of fancy balls and mansions and dresses and makeup. But there's a dark side to Violet's new, glittering world.

There's death.

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There's destruction. There are lies and manipulations, and somehow, very well-twisted into the middle of it all, is forbidden love. Violet soon discovers that she can never be who she truly wants to be. Danger is around every corner. Love is not an option. And when Violet discovers she might have a way out, even darker secrets are revealed. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, from Violet herself, to her fellow surrogate and best friend Raven, to the horrible Duchess of the Lake.

Even Violet's maid, Annabelle, a girl who can't speak, was so well done that I felt like I knew her. The love interest, Ashe, is totally shiptastic. This story is just incredible. I fell in love with it, and by the time I finished warning: there's a cliffhanger! I loved the terrifying, beautiful world that Amy Ewing created. I need book 2 now! And I've preordered my own hardcover copy for my personal shelves! View all 4 comments.